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The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club


A quarter of a century is a long time to be working in one business. We have seen a huge amount of changes to the Sex Industry during this time. Many Ladies/Escorts who work from our premises were not born when we opened. We are now seeing 2nd generation family members operating from The Pelican Club – daughters of Mothers following in their footsteps. In rare cases, Mothers and daughters are working at the same time.

25 years ago, Sex Work was illegal of course. The authorities knew that sex was taking place, so it was a very strange situation. This is where the term Massage Parlour came from.

In some ways, it was a good way to operate. Ladies/Escorts were not able to solicit, work from independent premises or alone. This meant there was more control around hygiene and most importantly the safety aspects of their job. The stories we hear through the grapevine, about what happens to some private Sex Workers is horrifying and heartbreaking. They work independently and pay the price when an undesirable client books them.

However, one of the biggest changes to the Sex Industry of all is the people themselves. In my humble opinion, it is mainly due to our reliance on technology, which did not exist 25 years ago. The youth of today is so different and clients are different too. Human beings evolve from generation to generation and we pride ourselves in bringing out the best in everyone!

My Grandmother told my Mother she would hate to be bringing up children in the ’60s when Roy and I were growing up. My mother told me the same thing when I had my children. If my children reproduce, I will be thinking the same thing, but won’t voice my opinion in case I get my head bitten off!

 Oh, how times have changed!

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