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The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club

Is it safer to be a Sugar Baby or an Auckland Escort?

Lots of young women advertise themselves on Sugar Baby websites with their details on the internet for everybody to see. They are looking for a Sugar Daddy. Security is non-existent. There is no monitoring of the lady’s safety and no security for the Sugar Daddy if the girl is dishonest.
When females work from a brothel, (The Pelican Club) as a sex worker (working girl), the rules are clear. Both client and prostitute understand the 2- way agreement between them. The client understands the rates and the sex worker understands she must supply sexual services for the agreed fee.
The monetary and safety lines are blurred when it comes to Sugar dating. It is a risk for both the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby. Either party can be tempted by empty promises with no certainty of the outcome.
Some ladies feel more comfortable describing themselves as a Sugar Baby than a prostitute or sex worker, due to the stigma that surrounds the sex industry. Sadly men prey on vulnerable women if they want to take advantage of them. Security is monitored in brothels so it is harder to overstep boundaries.
So back to my original question, Is it safer to be a Sugar Baby or an Auckland Escort? The answer is obvious. It is safer for sex workers and Gentlemen to visit a brothel like The Pelican Club where security is strict. Everyone understands the rules. We have lots of girls to choose from, our premise is clean, prices are fixed and fully inclusive so there are no hidden costs. Value for money, The Pelican Club is the place. If you want fantastic sex with a stunning woman, with no strings attached, we are situated at 101 Newton Road. No obligation if you cannot find the right lady. Our manageresses are trained to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before you make your final choice.

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