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The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club

A Message from a Happy Client
– Why Choose The Pelican Club Ladies Over Seeing a Private Girl?

We wanted to share this message that we received from a happy client:

I have seen many private girls in the past and over the last two years I have been visiting The Pelican Club and having fun with their hot ladies.

For me it’s a “no brainer”. I have lost count of the times I have arrived to see a private girl to find she looks nothing like her description. Of course, it is very awkward and I have often paid them even though I did not have sex. (It is more expensive to see a private girl than in a brothel). At The Pelican Club I can arrive and relax in their bar or lounge with a drink and wait till I meet the right girl. I LOVE THE PELICAN CLUB! The ladies are gorgeous, they are friendly, they don’t charge for extras, the managers look after me and I have always left satisfied and looking forward to my next visit. From a very happy Client.

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