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The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club


I read the Herald articles about Sex Workers visiting Clients during lockdown. This made me reflect on the dangers of breaking lockdown rules.

Massage parlours/Escort Agencies are strictly governed by regulations that relate to every aspect of our business. We have to be fully licenced, which allows us to operate in a safe, secure and hygienic environment.

We are required to have a current Liquor Licence as a business and each Manageress must also be Licenced.  Additionally, we must have a Food Hygiene Licence and a Building WOF, which covers all aspects of building safety. Each Manageress must hold an Operator’s Licence which allows her to work for us. Not many weeks pass without a Licencing Authority checking our Business in one area or another. We must renew our licences on a regular basis. Although this is an expensive exercise for Owners, it ensures that we provide safe premises for everyone to work from and a great place for our Clients to visit.

This brings me to the fact that we are not allowed to reopen our business until Level 2. Even at this level, there are extra regulations that we must adhere to. Strict lockdowns are a nightmare for all of us, but hospitality and tourism appear to be suffering more.

Let’s face it, none of us likes to be told we have to stay at home, Level 3 and 4 affects us all. The majority of us do as we are told because we can see the bigger picture.    

When individuals decide to break the lockdown rules, it affects everyone. We understand this is difficult, but please think twice before you break lockdown rules. It makes a difficult situation drag on, which in turn, affects everyone.  

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