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The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club

Swinging With Your Partner:

Have you and your partner talked about becoming Swingers? Have you been wondering how to start swinging with your partner? We can help you! Why not add some excitement and a new dimension to your Sex Life by swinging with your partner at The Pelican Club! We offer a completely safe, discreet environment where you can explore your fantasies. We have soooo many beautiful Ladies who would love to have fun with both of you and our sexy Escorts offer a genuine service that will blow your mind! Call our friendly Manageress and she will explain how to start swinging with your partner. Time to stop talking and turn your fantasies into reality! Go to to see all of the Sexy Ladies/Escorts available!

If you are interested, have a read about some of the many benefits swinging with your partner offers! Apparently swingers:

  • Report that they have happier marriages
  • Express more non-sexual affection
  • Consider their sex lives more satisfying
  • Enjoy more marital communication
  • Praise their primary partners more
  • Express less jealousy

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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