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The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club


I have worked privately and at The Pelican Club. For me the benefits of working at The PC far out way the slightly higher hourly rate you get when working privately.

Overall, I earn more at The Pelican. I come to work, do what I have to do, and go home. I don’t think about work again until next time.

Working privately, I had the expense of hiring an apartment, advertising, washing linen, cleaning the whole apartment every week, a work phone and worst of all the worry of security when I was alone with a stranger.

The Pelican Club is busy, it’s clean, organized, the girls are lovely and I’ve made heaps of friends. The manageresses are well trained and look after everyone.

There is a driver on every night who drives us to clients if they want Escorts. Sometimes I stay in the flat next door if I am doing two shifts in a row. The Pelican Club wins any day, over working privately, there is no comparison!

From Holly, a very happy working lady xx

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